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  • The Brand New L.A. Wheel Store - Your Source for Custom Finished Wheels & Accessories

    L.A. Wheel Store Logo

    L.A. Wheel Store Logo

    For those of you just joining us, we have recently launched the new L.A. Wheel Store at www.LAWHEEL.com/store.  This is your one-stop shop for everything relating to custom finished wheels and wheel accessories, including Chrome OEM Wheels, Powder Coated Wheels, Chrome and Polished Lug Nuts and Bolts, wheel care products, and more.

    Some of you may remember that we launched a store some time ago (back in December of 2010).  While we got some great feedback on it, we ultimately realized that it didn't have the power and flexibility that our customers require for such an important -- and, let's be honest, expensive -- product like custom finished OEM wheels.  You need to be secure in the knowledge that the information on the wheel is 100% accurate, and you need to be able to make certain choices: choosing center caps with a color crest logo versus a blank chrome cap, or choosing to buy the correct chrome lugs to match the show-quality finish of our Triple Trivalent Chrome of our OEM wheels.

    To that end, we've made the new store on an entirely new framework, one that's tried and true.  **GEEK ALERT!** It's called Magento, and it's a community-shared shopping cart setup that is incredibly flexible, incredibly powerful, and is used by some of the biggest names in eCommerce.  You should expect nothing less than the best, and L.A. Wheel's commitment to 5-star Customer Service extends to your online buying experience.  That's why we only used eBay and Amazon in the past: they are 100% tried and true, used by millions of people every month (or maybe even week, by this point!).  So it is for the L.A. Wheel Store, where we use the best technology and have the best, most up-to-date fitment and availability information for OEM wheels in several custom finishes, including:

    • Show-quality Triple Trivalent Chrome
    • WinterChrome™
    • Black WinterChrome™
    • Powder Coat
    • Hybrid Finish™

    Please feel free to take a peek at the new store; we've got a sale up and running as we speak, so you can save 5 to 10% off most products!  You can always contact us or make the sale right there on the site, and you can drop us some feedback by calling, commenting below, or emailing our Webmaster at webmaster@lawheel.com.

    We didn't reinvent the wheel...

    ...We just made it look A LOT better!

  • Powder Coated Wheel Care Tips

    Lamborghini with Black Powder Coated wheels Lamborghini with Black Powder Coated wheels

    Like chrome wheels, Powder Coat wheels don't require expensive commercial cleaners or compounds to stay in great condition.  As long as they are cleaned regularly -- see our related article for general wheel care tips -- you can pretty much just use some mild soap and water and call it a day.

    Here's how it works:

    What you need:

    • Microfiber towel.
    • A soft sponge.
    • Dawn dish detergent liquid.
    • Hot water, preferably in a bucket, because holding it in your hands won't help.
    • Water hose (preferably one that doesn't shoot at 1200 PSI).

    How often:

    At least once every two weeks. The longer you wait, the harder it is, and the more likely brake dust or road salts can wreak havoc on your wheels.  Consider doing it once a week just to make sure you're spending some quality time with your new wheels...they'll love you for it!


    1. Use the water hose to spray off the loose dirt and debris from the wheel. Don't go full blast or use a firehose if you truly value the powder coat finish!
    2. Take your hot water and put in the bucket. Add 1/2 a cup of the Dawn dish detergent liquid to it for some bubbly cleaning power!
    3. Dip your sponge into the water/Dawn mix, and gently clean your wheels. If the brake dust proves to be stubborn like my Mom, just let the cleaning solution sit on it for a few minutes and sponge it off again.
    4. Rinse the wheels with the water hose. Remember: don't use a firehose. You'll blow your car away. Seriously, though, make sure you rinse from the top down, so dirt and suds wash off of the wheel rather than getting sprayed all up inside and around it.
    5. Dry the wheels with a microfiber towel.
    BMW M3 with Pin Striped Powder Coat BMW M3 with Pin Striped Powder Coat


    Looking to purchase wheels in custom finishes?

    Call us TODAY!  1-800-584-2832

    Or visit www.LAWHEEL.com


    Questions, comments, concerns?  More tips?  Hit us up in the comments below!

  • The Benefits of Powder Coating Your Wheels thru L.A. Wheel and Tire

    Green Powder Coated Wheel Green Powder Coated Wheel

    Many customers can't resist the lustrous shine of our exclusive, trivalent triple chrome finish, but plenty of people are fans of the sportier custom look and durability of a fine powder coat finish. Finally, with L.A. Wheel and Tire's Powder Coat Wheel Exchange Program, you don't have to pay for both new wheels and a new finish. Our exchange program helps you save 50% or more of the cost of buying new Powder Coated OEM factory wheels, and you don't even have to send us your wheels for powder coating first!

    Powder Coating gives wheels a very strong, durable finish that can be delivered in almost any color imaginable. Our custom Powder Coat finish withstands the road and driving environment better than paint, and provides corrosion resistance from road salts, brake dust residue, and other chemicals. To put it simply, our Powder Coating process shows excellent resistance against peeling, cracking, fading, nicks and minor abrasion. It has excellent uniformity without sags, drips, or other surface irregularities.  Read more about the process itself in this article (i.e. click there!).

    L.A. Wheel and Tire Kicks the Competitors to the Curb

    We stand out from the pack in four ways:

    1. We are not generic powder-coaters who happen to do wheels on the side. We are the OEM factory wheel experts, known internationally for our knowledge, quality, and customer service.
    2. We have a commitment to Five Star customer service, making your satisfaction our number 1 priority.
    3. Our exclusive best-in-the-industry processes let us provide the highest quality Powder Coat finishes for our wheels.
    4. We do all of this at prices that can be more than 60% cheaper than dealerships because of our huge stock of wheels and excellent network of providers. In fact, we do some of the custom work for the dealers, so why not come to the source?

    Check out our cool video of the powder coating process!

    Powder Coat Finishes

    The sheer variety of possible powder coat colors and textures is staggering, but we can give you a few ideas.  Here's our "standard" variety of colors:

    • High Gloss Black
    • Semi Gloss Black
    • Soft Gloss Black
    • Satin Gloss Black
    • Flat Black
    • Texture Black
    • Bengal Silver
    • White
    • Bronze
    • Graphite Grey

    And as if that weren't enough (it's not!), you can take a closer look at the pictures below to see a whole lot more:

    Primary Color Wheel Click to enlarge - Primary Color Wheel
    Metallic Color Wheel Click to enlarge - Metallic Color Wheel
    Textured Color Palette Click to enlarge - Textured Color Palette


    Want Custom Powder Coated wheels like these? Please visit us at:

    www.LAWHEEL.com or call

    1-800-584-2832 (toll free in the U.S.) or (818)-626-8867


    For more info:

  • New Hybrid Finishes from L.A. Wheel and Tire

    Purple "Team" Chrome Hybrid Purple "Team" Chrome Hybrid

    When Black Chrome wheels became all the rage, L.A. Wheel and Tire one-upped everybody's vehicle when we released our Black WinterChrome™ finish, a more durable form of chrome that's also environmentally friendly.  While Black Chrome and  WinterChrome™ are still hot sellers (that's kind of like the understatement of the year!), we're looking to the future.  And what do we see, you might ask?

    Tons of new colors, textures, and "hybrid" finishes that combine different coatings to create unique new effects.

    Imagine wheels that sparkle as the sun hits them, reflecting light with an eye-catching gleam (burning out onlookers' retinas is optional ;) ).

    Imagine wheels that have the mirror-like show quality finish of chrome, but come in a huge assortment of colors.

    Imagine powder coated wheels that are slick and smooth, more like silk than the common textures of today.

    That future is now!

    We've got a slew of exclusive colors and textures that have just come in, and we're making them available to you!  If you contact us, we'll give you all the info you need on getting these amazing new finishes on your wheels, to make your car, truck or SUV look unique and stylish in ways never before dreamed!

    The gallery below shows several of our exclusive Hybrid Chrome/Powder Coat finishes, as well as some of our more colorful Powder Coat finishes!


    Want Custom Hybrid Finish wheels like these? Please visit us at:

    www.LAWHEEL.com or call

    1-800-584-2832 (toll free in the U.S.) or (818)-626-8867

    Check out some more pix to see some of the variety we have.  Contact us with your own ideas, too!

    Don't forget to FULL SCREEN this slideshow (square button on the bottom-right) to get the full effect of these AMAZING new finishes.  Thanks to Chris for the phenomenal photos.


    Like what you see?  Tell us in the Comments below!

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