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  • How to Choose the Best Chrome for Your Car

    TiresChrome wheels are perfect for you if you have to drive through the elements. They are anti-corrosive, which means that they are free from being rusty. Moreover, they can enhance the look of any vehicle. More specifically, they have the ability to make your old car look pretty cool! But, before you purchase them, you need to understand which type of chrome wheel is perfect for your car.

    This article will help you choose the best chrome for your car.

    Types of Chrome Wheels

    In order to understand which chrome wheel will be perfect for your car, you need to have a clear idea of the different types of chrome wheels. Basically, there are two types of chrome wheels. The first one is the Standard Chrome Plated wheel, while the second one is the PVD Chrome wheel.

    The Standard Chrome Plated wheel is the typical shiny wheel that you have noticed in various custom cars. As the name suggests, the wheel is being plated with chrome before being plated with Nickel.

    The second type of wheel is “PVD”, which stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. It is a powder coated wheel, which is less shiny than the Standard Chrome Plated wheel.

    Which One You Should Choose?

    The Triple Chrome plated wheel adds a shine to your car. We use state-of-the-art technology, proven methodology, and the best-performing, most environmentally-focused chroming facility.  From our semi-bright and particle nickels (the most expensive part of chrome plating), to our special anodes that allow chrome to get into all nooks and crannies of the wheel, we spend on average 20-30% more to chrome plate a wheel than just about anyone else out there. That's a difference you can see, and as they say, "seeing is believing."

    The PVD chrome wheel is lighter than the Triple Chrome Plated wheel, which assists in reducing the rotating mass. PVD also helps against corrosion due to salt from the ocean or salted roads in the winter months. So, if you are living in wet regions or drive through conditions that are rough on your car PVD would be a great choice. Moreover, it can be used in all types of weather throughout the whole year. It doesn’t look as shiny as its counterpart, but that can enhance the look of your car.

    If you are looking to enhance the look of your car, then go for the Triple Chrome Plated wheel. But if you are looking to purchase a high performance wheel that can be used in any type of weather, try the PVD Chrome Wheel. If you have any questions, you can always call us and we’ll help you find the right chrome for your car!

  • All About L.A. Wheel and Tire's New WinterChrome™ Finish

    Black WinterChrome™ & SnowChrome™ Black WinterChrome™ & SnowChrome™

    L.A. Wheel and Tire is proud to announce our new WinterChrome™ finish!  WinterChrome™ comes in two styles: SnowChrome™ (standard WinterChrome™, looks like chrome) and Black WinterChrome™ (Black PVD Chrome, looks like black chrome).

    Unlike traditional chrome, WinterChrome™ is a very durable, lustrous finish because it uses a PVD process for application (otherwise known as "Physical Vapor Deposition").  This process ends with a protective clear coat and UV-resistant shielding, that ultimately means the chrome won't color shift like cheaper chrome processes, and won't peel after a few years.

    L.A. Wheel still offers chrome, because our chrome is the best in the industry.  But even at it's best, any traditional chrome process is made to be a show-quality finish. Ours lasts a long time and is more durable than others, but WinterChrome™ is simply the most durable finish that looks like chrome.


    • More durable than traditional chrome!
    • Resists corrosion!
    • No color shifting!
    • Environmentally friendly process!
    • "The 5 Year Simple Warranty": no fine print and even covers corrosion!


    WinterChrome™ represents the 21st Century way to combine the brilliant look of traditional chrome with the durability of powder coated wheels. And, as a bonus, WinterChrome™ is a "green," environmentally friendly process, using no hazardous materials and producing no hazardous waste.

    Traditional chromed wheels, look gorgeous out of the box, just like our WinterChrome™ wheels. But, in traditional chrome, the metal is exposed to the atmosphere and environment. That can result in corrosion or oxidation, which can pit the wheel and ruin the finish.

    Unlike traditional chromed or polished aluminum, our WinterChrome™ wheels will not oxidize, fade or discolor when exposed to road salts, the ocean air environment or brake dust. They cleanup easily with soap and water and make maintenance a breeze.

    SnowChrome™ vs. Triple Trivalent Chrome SnowChrome™ vs. Triple Trivalent Chrome

    Proven and Tested

    The WinterChrome™ process has passed each of nearly 50 tests prescribed by GM, Chrysler, Ford and Toyota for the quality and durability of painted wheels. [Many of these tests impose far more stringent requirements than OEMs require for chrome finishes.]

    In each case, the WinterChrome™ process met or exceeded the OEMs known requirements.

    This process was also tested against traditional chrome on board the USCG Cutter Barracuda, stationed in Eureka, California for more than a year. In this harsh environment, the traditional chrome fixtures pitted and flaked within months even with the professional care of USCG sailors. But, the WinterChrome™ fixtures still looked as good a year later as the day they were put into service.

    L.A. Wheel 's WinterChrome Process

    L.A. Wheel has implemented its WinterChrome™ technology process to provide a durable, bright, corrosion-safe finish. It also allows us to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional electroplated chrome wheels. The WinterChrome™ process uses no hazardous materials and produces no hazardous waste.

    The WinterChrome™ process combines the best corrosion proofing features of powder coating with the shine and bling of real chrome to produce truly classic chrome finishes with a deep rich appearance much like our traditional triple plate show quality chrome.

    Black WinterChrome™ vs. SnowChrome™ Black WinterChrome™ vs. SnowChrome™

    The WinterChrome™ process creates a durable finish that enables the wheel to exceed the original equipment manufacturers ' warranties. As a result, L.A. Wheel can warrant the finish on the WinterChrome™ wheels for a full five years against pitting and de-lamination due to corrosion, something that is impossible to do on electroplated chrome. In more than 8 years using this process, not a single wheel has come back for warranty due to corrosion!

    The WinterChrome™ process should not be confused with cheaper PVD imitations. In the other processes, there is only a single alloy coating, consisting primarily of aluminum, one of the easiest metals to corrode and oxidize. In our two-stage WinterChrome™ PVD process, the first coating consists of a proprietary corrosion resistant alloy. Then, to get the shine and bling of real chrome, the second coating is pure chromium. This patented process has been field tested years longer than other PVD process with outstanding results. That is why we can offer the best warranty in the business, one which even covers pitting and flaking due to corrosion!

    1. First, we inspect the wheel to make sure it is round and true to factory specifications. Then,
    2. We strip any paint from the wheel and, if necessary, we polish the wheel to remove cosmetic blemishes and provide a smooth surface. Then,
    3. We clean the wheel in a soap bath to remove dirt and polishing compound. Then,
    4. We preheat the wheel to remove any gases in the alloy that might out-gas and form bubbles during the remainder of the WinterChrome™ process. Then,
    5. We apply and cure a special wheel grade hybrid powder coat to provide a smooth substrate that adheres well to the aluminum in the wheel and that will accept the metal coatings in the following steps.
    6. After all this preparation, the wheel is ready to be placed in to into a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) vacuum chamber for the patented finish process.
    7. In the PVD chamber, after evacuating the atmosphere, we excite a special corrosion resistant alloy, and the excited molecules are vacuum deposited on the wheel.
    8. After the corrosion resistant layer has been deposited, the chamber is evacuated again, and then real chrome is added, excited and vacuum deposited.
    9. Next, we apply an acrylic powder clear coat to preserve and protect the finish.
    10. Finally, the wheel is inspected and polished to a high luster so we can ship a wheel with the best combination of beauty and durability available.
    BMW M5 with L.A. Wheel WinterChrome™ finish BMW 5-series with exclusive WinterChrome™
  • How L.A. Wheel and Tire Powder Coats Wheels

    Black Gloss Powder Coat Black Gloss Powder Coat

    In a previous article, we talked about the benefits of Powder Coating your wheels/rims with L.A. Wheel and Tire's high quality and high-tech processes.  And while it's nice to see all the cool colors and textures, some people like to get behind the "science" of powder coating, and really see the specifics: temperatures, times, inspection criteria, etc.

    Well, this article is for the gear-heads among you! But first, watch the video!

    Check out the video to see the process, accompanied by our in-house musical talent!

    The Powder Coating Process

    STEP ONE: First, our wheel experts inspect the wheels to assure that they are round and true, and free of any corrosion or cracks.

    STEP TWO: Before applying the Powder Coat, we carefully prepare the surface of the wheels. [Proper prep takes a lot of time, but it is essential to getting a good finished result.] That means chemically stripping the surface and media blasting it to a 0.7 mil anchor profile, which makes for a strong, lasting mechanical bond, and an even, durable finish. We also carefully mask the mounting surfaces of the wheels so as to avoid interference with fit and the attachments for the wheels.

    STEP THREE: Then, we prebake the wheels at 375 degrees for 20 minutes to “outgas” impurities that would adversely affect the finish. Prebaking is done at the same temperature as the curing bake to assure that impurities that might otherwise ‘bubble-out” in the final curing are removed before the powder is applied. Temperature is kept below 400 degrees to prevent softening of the aluminum. Baking and pre-baking are done in large, industrial convection ovens with tight control over temperatures and the rate of change in temperature.

    STEP FOUR: After pre-baking, the wheels must be slowly cooled down to less than 180 degrees before the “powder” is applied.

    STEP FIVE: The wheels are then hung on a double strand of conductive wire around the barrel of the wheel.

    STEP SIX: “Powder” (a mix of very finely ground pigments and resin) is then “fogged” at low pressure onto the wheels. Low pressure can be used since the nozzle, (either a corona gun or a tribo gun, depending on the finish being applied) imparts a strong electrostatic charge (between 10-90,000 volts) to the powder opposite to the charge that the conductive wire gives the wheel. The wheel literally attracts the powder, which makes for a uniform coat even in crevasses and other recessed areas.

    STEP SEVEN: Following a careful, even application of the proper powder, the wheels must be slowly brought up to 375 degrees and baked for 30 minutes to properly cure. We carefully monitor the baking temperatures in our state of the art ovens.

    STEP EIGHT: Finally, the wheels must be cooled at a controlled rate to get a strong, even finish.  This process creates a final DFT coating of 1.5 mil.

    STEP NINE: Then, the wheels are inspected at least twice (by both our Powder Coat artists and by our wheel experts) before being packed with custom foam inserts to protect them during shipping.

    THE FINAL STEP OF AWESOMENESS: The wheels arrive at your doorstep, and you are the proud owner of some amazing, custom powder coated wheels that will make your neighbors jealous!

    Click some pictures in the gallery below to see some of the amazing effects you can get with Powder Coating!


    Want wheels like these? Please visit us at:

    www.LAWHEEL.com or call

    1-800-584-2832 (toll free in the U.S.) or (818)-626-8867


    Comments, questions or concerns?  Don't hesitate to leave us a comment or contact us!

  • Chroming Wheels the L.A. Wheel and Tire Way

    Chroming Process

    Here at L.A. Wheel and Tire, we use state-of-the-art technology, proven methodology, and the best-performing, most environmentally-focused chroming facility in Southern California (a state that also happens to have some of the most stringent environmental policies in the world). From our semi-bright and particle nickels (the most expensive part of chrome plating), to our special anodes that allow chrome to get into all nooks and crannies of the wheel, we spend on average 20-30% more to chrome plate a wheel than just about anyone else out there. That's a difference you can see, and as they say, "seeing is believing."


    It all begins with a simple aluminum wheel...

    Each one is individually inspected on a high speed balancer to make sure it's perfectly straight and round and within factory tolerances. Any wheel that fails this inspection is scrapped. Wheels that are cracked, corroded, have been welded or involved in an accident are also automatically scrapped. Once a wheel passes this inspection, it is engraved with a unique number for tracking purposes and is then sent off to get stripped. All of the dirt, grime, brake dust, paint, clear coat, and any other finish is completely removed, so you're left with a totally bare, "raw" aluminum wheel.

    This "raw" wheel is hand polished in our own in-house polishing shop. Most companies outsource their polishing due to lower cost, but we do it ourselves to make sure the end result is a perfect wheel, one that has a mirror-like appearance. Hand polishing removes any imperfections on the surface of the wheel and prepares it for the plating process. Plus, we are very picky (because we know you are) and it's very hard to control quality of another polishing shop.

    At the first stage of the actual plating process, the wheel is cleaned in a special soap bath to remove any polishing compound and then rinsed again in an alkaline bath. After this, the wheel is placed into a zincate bath, after which it is rinsed again to prepare it for a second zincate bath. All of our wheels go through a double zincate bath in order to achieve the tightest, most uniform application of zincate, which will then result in the smooth surface.

    (Continued after the break)

    After the second  zincate bath and subsequent rinse, the wheel then goes to the  Sulfamate nickel strike bath. This is a very important step, and also the step most companies skip, since this special type of nickel is very expensive (some use the less expensive Watts nickel). We do not dilute this solution with any other chemicals, and we also keep the nickel strike bath very clean to ensure the best possible bond of nickel to the aluminum surface of the wheel. Compare this layer of nickel to a primer paint laid down first. If this step is not done properly, the chrome finish will not stick to the wheel, just like paint won't stick to the body of your car if it's not primed first.

    Coming out of the nickel strike bath, the wheel is placed into a copper bath. This bath is filled with a special type of copper called "Acid Copper". Acid Copper helps fill any imperfections in the metal of the wheel. Then this copper layer is hand buffed to smooth out the surface to a high luster finish.

    After this bath, the wheel is ready for the most important step:

    Nickel bath (or actually baths)!

    This is what makes or breaks the chrome wheel. L.A. Wheel and Tire uses FOUR types of nickel!  The wheel is first submerged in a semi-bright nickel bath for 15-20 minutes (depending on the size). Most companies will only leave a wheel in this bath for 5-10 minutes to save money on nickel, and then completely skip the other 2 nickel baths (more on that later). Nickel is very important, since it's the only thing that gives a wheel it's corrosion resistance.

    Imagine yourself going to the beach every day, in the blazing heat, without any sunscreen. Sooner or later you will get sunburn...or worse (hopefully not, though). Nickel is like a sunscreen for the wheel:  it protects it from the elements such as brake dust, car wash chemicals, harsh weather conditions and much more. The semi-bright nickel bath is then followed by 14-16 minutes of bright nickel and then 1-2 minutes of micro-porous nickel. These last two are the ones most companies skip altogether, leaving you with a wheel that's prone to corrosion and peeling.  In order to give you a 5 year warranty, all of our wheels go through ALL 3 of these nickel baths.

    Believe it or not, the wheel is still not ready yet...

    Following two more rinses, the wheel finally goes into the chromium bath! This is what you know as the "chrome" look and is what gives the wheel that amazing "bling bling" shiny appearance.

    This step is quite easy, since it was all the preceding steps that had to be done right in order to prepare the wheel for it. Just 1.5 minutes in this chromium bath is all you need. Of course the wheels are still rinsed twice again, and then hand polished and inspected for any defects before being boxed up and shipped to your door step.  Ta Da! All your neighbors will run over and ask you where you got your wheels from.

    We hope you enjoyed the tour!


    Want wheels like these? Please visit us at:

    www.LAWHEEL.com or call

    1-800-584-2832 (toll free in the U.S.) or (818)-626-8867

  • The Benefits of Powder Coating Your Wheels thru L.A. Wheel and Tire

    Green Powder Coated Wheel Green Powder Coated Wheel

    Many customers can't resist the lustrous shine of our exclusive, trivalent triple chrome finish, but plenty of people are fans of the sportier custom look and durability of a fine powder coat finish. Finally, with L.A. Wheel and Tire's Powder Coat Wheel Exchange Program, you don't have to pay for both new wheels and a new finish. Our exchange program helps you save 50% or more of the cost of buying new Powder Coated OEM factory wheels, and you don't even have to send us your wheels for powder coating first!

    Powder Coating gives wheels a very strong, durable finish that can be delivered in almost any color imaginable. Our custom Powder Coat finish withstands the road and driving environment better than paint, and provides corrosion resistance from road salts, brake dust residue, and other chemicals. To put it simply, our Powder Coating process shows excellent resistance against peeling, cracking, fading, nicks and minor abrasion. It has excellent uniformity without sags, drips, or other surface irregularities.  Read more about the process itself in this article (i.e. click there!).

    L.A. Wheel and Tire Kicks the Competitors to the Curb

    We stand out from the pack in four ways:

    1. We are not generic powder-coaters who happen to do wheels on the side. We are the OEM factory wheel experts, known internationally for our knowledge, quality, and customer service.
    2. We have a commitment to Five Star customer service, making your satisfaction our number 1 priority.
    3. Our exclusive best-in-the-industry processes let us provide the highest quality Powder Coat finishes for our wheels.
    4. We do all of this at prices that can be more than 60% cheaper than dealerships because of our huge stock of wheels and excellent network of providers. In fact, we do some of the custom work for the dealers, so why not come to the source?

    Check out our cool video of the powder coating process!

    Powder Coat Finishes

    The sheer variety of possible powder coat colors and textures is staggering, but we can give you a few ideas.  Here's our "standard" variety of colors:

    • High Gloss Black
    • Semi Gloss Black
    • Soft Gloss Black
    • Satin Gloss Black
    • Flat Black
    • Texture Black
    • Bengal Silver
    • White
    • Bronze
    • Graphite Grey

    And as if that weren't enough (it's not!), you can take a closer look at the pictures below to see a whole lot more:

    Primary Color Wheel Click to enlarge - Primary Color Wheel
    Metallic Color Wheel Click to enlarge - Metallic Color Wheel
    Textured Color Palette Click to enlarge - Textured Color Palette


    Want Custom Powder Coated wheels like these? Please visit us at:

    www.LAWHEEL.com or call

    1-800-584-2832 (toll free in the U.S.) or (818)-626-8867


    For more info:

  • New Hybrid Finishes from L.A. Wheel and Tire

    Purple "Team" Chrome Hybrid Purple "Team" Chrome Hybrid

    When Black Chrome wheels became all the rage, L.A. Wheel and Tire one-upped everybody's vehicle when we released our Black WinterChrome™ finish, a more durable form of chrome that's also environmentally friendly.  While Black Chrome and  WinterChrome™ are still hot sellers (that's kind of like the understatement of the year!), we're looking to the future.  And what do we see, you might ask?

    Tons of new colors, textures, and "hybrid" finishes that combine different coatings to create unique new effects.

    Imagine wheels that sparkle as the sun hits them, reflecting light with an eye-catching gleam (burning out onlookers' retinas is optional ;) ).

    Imagine wheels that have the mirror-like show quality finish of chrome, but come in a huge assortment of colors.

    Imagine powder coated wheels that are slick and smooth, more like silk than the common textures of today.

    That future is now!

    We've got a slew of exclusive colors and textures that have just come in, and we're making them available to you!  If you contact us, we'll give you all the info you need on getting these amazing new finishes on your wheels, to make your car, truck or SUV look unique and stylish in ways never before dreamed!

    The gallery below shows several of our exclusive Hybrid Chrome/Powder Coat finishes, as well as some of our more colorful Powder Coat finishes!


    Want Custom Hybrid Finish wheels like these? Please visit us at:

    www.LAWHEEL.com or call

    1-800-584-2832 (toll free in the U.S.) or (818)-626-8867

    Check out some more pix to see some of the variety we have.  Contact us with your own ideas, too!

    Don't forget to FULL SCREEN this slideshow (square button on the bottom-right) to get the full effect of these AMAZING new finishes.  Thanks to Chris for the phenomenal photos.


    Like what you see?  Tell us in the Comments below!

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