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We have been in business since 1999, and have a collective 60+ years of experience in the wheel and chrome plating industry. We service dealers across the United States, and retail customers the world over who want the best quality finishes on OEM factory wheels. We do not sell wheels that have been cracked, previously chromed, welded, reconditioned or other salvage wheels, to insure that you get a first rate product every time that you can drive on in confidence and safety. We also offer a variety of accessories, such as chrome lug bolts/nuts and lock sets, chrome center caps, chrome care kits and hubcentric rings for a vast array of applications. From all brands, from Ford™ to Ferrari™, Mazda™ to Maserati™, Lincoln™ to Lamborghini™, we have one of the largest wheel core banks in the industry with over 7000 factory wheels in stock, and access to thousands more. Our inventory is constantly growing, so if you don’t see the wheel you need online, please call us to see if it is available. We also can provide single wheels for sale in most cases, so if you need one to replace a damaged wheel, don’t hesitate to call us here at L.A. Wheel and Tire. We also do powdercoating in an array of colors, and can perform wheel repairs and stripping and re-chroming of your factory wheels

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Why Is OEM Better?

The manufacturers have strict standards for the development and construction of the parts they utilize on the vehicles they sell, far greater than all but a very small percentage of aftermarket wheel providers. They have extensive design and production facilities, test tracks, and robotic simulators to ensure that the parts (in this case wheels), can provide the strength and durability necessary for the proper and safe functioning of the vehicles they sell. We understand this, and that is why we only exchange and sell OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) factory parts.

Why is our chrome better?

We do the most intensive chroming of factory wheels in the world. We use more copper, nickel and chrome in our triple plating process than anyone else. Our hand work, the sanding, preparation and polishing of the wheels that lays the foundation for the metals we electroplate is second to none. We do all of this to provide the best chrome finish of OEM factory wheels in the industry.

What is Winterchrome™?

Winterchrome is a proprietary process we developed for people who want chrome wheels, and live in areas like the Midwest or eastern United States where they put down de-icers (like salt or magnesium chloride) on the roads. These salts will attack and corrode aluminum and chrome wheels, and oxidize them. We take the factory wheel, strip, prepare and polish the wheel, then apply a five layer compound process. This process consists of two layers of epoxy powdercoat, a base and primer layer, then, layers of nickel alloy and chrome are applied with an electromagnet in a vacuum chamber, and lastly, an acrylic powdercoat clear. This seals the wheel from within and without, to provide the most durable chrome finish in the industry. This is also the process we utilize for our Black Winterchrome™ finish, and carries our most inclusive warranty protection.

What kind of warranty is on our chrome?

We offer a 5 year warranty on our chrome against defects in the plating process, the longest in the industry. Check with other providers and you will see the verification of this. We can do this because our chrome process is the most intensive in the industry. Our Winterchrome™ and Black Winterchrome™ also carries a 5 year warranty, that also includes coverage against corrosion from salt or brake dust.

How do we pack and ship our wheels?

Our shipping department is second to none. We created our own custom packing molds and boxing solutions to insure that the wheels we ship will arrive to you the way they left our facility, beautiful and intact. We ship all over the United States and internationally, and compare our pricing for shipping with other providers, and you will see our rates are the best in the industry, bar none.

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