Wheel Care

Care and cleaning tips for wheels / rims and different finishes

  1. Reasons to Buy Chrome Wheels

    Chrome wheels are a popular choice for any type and style vehicle. There are different types and styles for these aftermarket add-ons, making it a great opportunity to customize your vehicle. Chrome is offered for both Original Factory Wheels and Aftermarket wheels. Here are some great reasons why you should consider getting some. Are you thinking about getting chrome wheels...
  2. Best Car Cleaning Tips

    A simple squeegee rinse every two weeks when you fill up for gas is not enough to keep your car looking its best.  To keep a car's exterior sparkling, you must have a combination of the right equipment, product, hard work, and patience to do the process correctly. The most important thing to start with is a cool rinse of...
  3. Warning Signs You Need New Tires

    They’re the first point of contact between your vehicle and the road.  Your tires are key to keeping you, your passengers, and other drivers out on the road safe.  But if you don’t check your tires regularly, you could be setting yourself up for an accident. Below are some tips to help alert you to when you need new tires...
  4. How to Choose the Best Chrome for Your Car

    Chrome wheels are perfect for you if you have to drive through the elements. They are anti-corrosive, which means that they are free from being rusty. Moreover, they can enhance the look of any vehicle. More specifically, they have the ability to make your old car look pretty cool! But, before you purchase them, you need to understand which type...
  5. L.A. Wheel and Tire Repairs, Refinishes and Re-chromes Wheels

    L.A. Wheel and Tire Repairs, Refinishes and Re-chromes Wheels
    L.A. Wheel and Tire also repairs, refinishes, and re-chromes wheels and rims. We aren't OEM wheel experts for nothing!
  6. WinterChrome Care Tips

    WinterChrome Care Tips
    Winterchromeâ„¢ might have the word "Chrome" in its name, but it's very important that people treat it as a totally different material of finish when cleaning their wheels.
  7. Powder Coated Wheel Care Tips

    Powder Coated Wheel Care Tips
    Like chrome wheels, Powder Coat wheels don't require expensive commercial cleaners or compounds to stay in great condition.
  8. General Tips for Keeping Your Wheels Clean

    General Tips for Keeping Your Wheels Clean
    Protect your investment and keep your wheels clean!
  9. Chrome Wheel Care Tips

    Chrome Wheel Care Tips
    Dodge Viper with L.A. Wheel chrome wheels While there are specific commercial cleaners available to keep your chrome wheels looking the best they can be -- we recommend our L.A. Wheel and Tire Chrome Care Kit (contact us  to get one!)-- there's still the challenge of ensuring brake dust is cleaned off before these are applied, because the dust...

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