Blur magnesium alloy wheel or mag wheel or max wheels of CarChrome wheels are a popular choice for any type and style vehicle. There are different types and styles for these aftermarket add-ons, making it a great opportunity to customize your vehicle. Chrome is offered for both Original Factory Wheels and Aftermarket wheels. Here are some great reasons why you should consider getting some. Are you thinking about getting chrome wheels? We not only chrome the face of the wheel, we dip the entire wheel in the chrome. Chrome wheels are highly desirable for their aesthetically pleasing effect. How do chrome wheels look different? Chrome wheels are shiny due to the nature of the chrome metal applied to the surface. The chrome reflects light so the wheels produce an eye-catching effect. This look is often used to compliment high-end, luxury vehicles and is a stylish option that differentiates luxury automobiles from more everyday vehicles. Factory wheels range from “14 to “22 depending on what will fit to the specifications of the vehicle.  Of course if you would like to go bigger you can always look in to Aftermarket wheels that can go up to “28 and these can come in many different styles and finishes. Many wheels fit many cars, it all depends on the fitment of the car, just because one wheel comes stock on one vehicle does not mean it would not fit on a different car. They modernize older or classic cars As well as being a luxury add-on, chrome wheels are also used to modernize older cars. Car wheels are often a giveaway for a car’s age and chrome wheels are a great way to spruce up and modernize an older car for a relatively low cost. Chrome wheels can improve the look of a car Chrome wheels are all about aesthetics. Keep in mind that chrome wheels are easily scratched and corroded if not taken care of. They are also not weather proofed. We offer PVD, which helps, but chrome wheels are not hard wearing. Ultimately, however, it comes down to the design possibilities; they allow car owners to customize their vehicles in a simple way that expresses their personality.