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  • House Cleaning

    L.A. Wheel and Tire Google Places Page

    L.A. Wheel and Tire Google Places Page

    In our never-ending website maintenance, we've made a couple of quick and easy changes for your convenience!

    First up, we changed the name of our "Store" link (you can see it up above, next to "Home") to "Pricing."  This really reflects that our Store is just a small piece of our Brand Gallery and informational links, and that area is where you can find accurate availability and pricing for wheels we currently stock.  If you're looking to identify wheels, learn more about wheel care, and things of that nature, you can browse the rest of the site; if you're looking to buy wheels, check out the "Pricing" link.

    Secondly, in our Store, we now have a link at the end of the main navigation menu that says "Exit Store."  This brings you back to the Brand Gallery and informational side of our site (where you are right now, as a matter of fact).  This makes it clear that you're leaving the store and pricing area, and instead looking for information, pictures, wheel care tips, and that sort of thing.

    Simple, but effective.  If you like the changes, great!  If not, feel free to post in the comments below and let us know!  We're always looking to improve our site and give it a facelift, especially if doing so will help customers navigate around the site.  So don't hesitate to comment or contact us in any number of ways, and we'll be around to chat with you in a jiffy!

  • Holiday Season Sale - Limited Time Only

    L.A. Wheel Store Logo

    L.A. Wheel Store Logo

    'Tis the season for big red bows, torn paper, and -- for Dads the world over -- lots of new ties.  But there's one sure-fire way to ring in the new year with something that'll make you feel better about yourself, and help make your car look brand spankin' new:

    Wheels, lugs, and other accessories from L.A. Wheel and Tire...all at ridiculous discounts!

    Our new online store debuted back in August and has been rockin' like crazy ever since, which hasn't given us any free time to catch our breaths.  That means we've still got some factory OEM wheels in custom finishes that we meant to put on deep discount during our Black Friday weekend sale, but we forgot!  So now's your chance to find these sweet deals, and put some sexy new chrome, WinterChrome™, powder coat, or accessories on your ride!

    We're going to be discounting EVERYTHING in our store, but only for a limited time.

    • Chrome and polished lugs will range from 5 to 25% off!
    • Chrome Care Kits and other accessories will be 10% off!
    • Wheel Exchanges will be 5% off!
    • Outright wheel sets will be 10 to 35% off!

    These savings won't last, so hit up the store, shop around, and find a new set of wheels that you can slap on your ride to make it look like it should: shiny and sexy!

  • The Brand New L.A. Wheel Store - Your Source for Custom Finished Wheels & Accessories

    L.A. Wheel Store Logo

    L.A. Wheel Store Logo

    For those of you just joining us, we have recently launched the new L.A. Wheel Store at www.LAWHEEL.com/store.  This is your one-stop shop for everything relating to custom finished wheels and wheel accessories, including Chrome OEM Wheels, Powder Coated Wheels, Chrome and Polished Lug Nuts and Bolts, wheel care products, and more.

    Some of you may remember that we launched a store some time ago (back in December of 2010).  While we got some great feedback on it, we ultimately realized that it didn't have the power and flexibility that our customers require for such an important -- and, let's be honest, expensive -- product like custom finished OEM wheels.  You need to be secure in the knowledge that the information on the wheel is 100% accurate, and you need to be able to make certain choices: choosing center caps with a color crest logo versus a blank chrome cap, or choosing to buy the correct chrome lugs to match the show-quality finish of our Triple Trivalent Chrome of our OEM wheels.

    To that end, we've made the new store on an entirely new framework, one that's tried and true.  **GEEK ALERT!** It's called Magento, and it's a community-shared shopping cart setup that is incredibly flexible, incredibly powerful, and is used by some of the biggest names in eCommerce.  You should expect nothing less than the best, and L.A. Wheel's commitment to 5-star Customer Service extends to your online buying experience.  That's why we only used eBay and Amazon in the past: they are 100% tried and true, used by millions of people every month (or maybe even week, by this point!).  So it is for the L.A. Wheel Store, where we use the best technology and have the best, most up-to-date fitment and availability information for OEM wheels in several custom finishes, including:

    • Show-quality Triple Trivalent Chrome
    • WinterChrome™
    • Black WinterChrome™
    • Powder Coat
    • Hybrid Finish™

    Please feel free to take a peek at the new store; we've got a sale up and running as we speak, so you can save 5 to 10% off most products!  You can always contact us or make the sale right there on the site, and you can drop us some feedback by calling, commenting below, or emailing our Webmaster at webmaster@lawheel.com.

    We didn't reinvent the wheel...

    ...We just made it look A LOT better!

  • L.A. Wheel Offers $5 Matching Donation to Stand Up To Cancer

    Stand Up To Cancer

    Stand Up 2 Cancer

    L.A. Wheel and Tire is teaming up with Stand Up 2 Cancer, a unique initiative funding cancer research through scientific grants.  When you purchase a set of wheels in our new store, you can add the $5 matching donation (by clicking the box next to the SU2C logo on the right hand side) and we'll match that $5.

    Not looking to purchase wheels?  You can still add that $5 donation to your cart and help Stand Up 2 Cancer!

    Stand Up To Cancer is an initiative created to accelerate groundbreaking cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives. SU2C's goal is to bring together the best and the brightest in the cancer community, encouraging collaboration instead of competition. By galvanizing the entertainment industry, SU2C creates awareness and builds broad public support for this effort.

    For more information on Stand Up To Cancer, please visit www.su2c.org. Help us stop cancer by donating today!

    For more information on the matching donation, check out the new L.A. Wheel Store.

    You will receive a receipt directly from Stand Up To Cancer within a few weeks of making the donation.

    Stand Up To Cancer is a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent provided by U.S. law.

  • Solid One Piece Land Rover Replacement Lug Nuts

    Chrome Range Rover Lug Nuts Chrome Range Rover Lug Nuts

    Although you won't hear Land Rover make a big stink about it, long time Rover owners know that the factory lugs for several models aren't exactly the greatest product out there. From multi-piece "capped" lugs to weak lugs, Rovers just don't have a lot of luck with this vital piece of the wheel, and that's a deal-breaker for some people.

    But we here at L.A. Wheel have a solution for you, one that combines our world-renowned sense of aesthetics with the practicality that keeps your wheels safe and secure.  Because we deal solely with OEM wheels, our accessories and add-ons are guaranteed to work with all Land and Range Rover wheels that they fit, and they won't compromise the millions of dollars that Rover puts into safety and durability tests every year.

    So, what's the solution? Simple: we sell single piece, solid lug nuts, and that answers a lot of the problems that Rover owners face.  We have these lugs in a couple different variations and even multiple finishes, in some cases, which means that you're not only ensuring your wheel's safety, but you're also preserving it's stylish good looks if you have chrome, black chrome, or powder coated wheels.

    The point is that even the OEM companies like Land Rover aren't perfect, but because L.A. Wheel and Tire knows OEM parts as good -- if not better -- than the OE manufacturers themselves, we can offer you perfect solutions.

    We didn't reinvent the wheel...

    ...We just made it look A LOT better!


    For more info:

  • SEMA 2010 Look Back and Random Pix

    SEMA 2010

    SEMA 2010

    SEMA 2010, baby!

    As always, Las Vegas played host to SEMA 2010, and L.A. Wheel and Tire sent our minions -- Joe and Robert -- to scope out the sights, make the contacts, and chat it up with hundreds of thousands of automotive enthusiasts from all over the world.  Whether you're into wheels and tires, grilles and headlights, or full on automobiles, SEMA is pretty much Heaven on Earth if you like anything automotive related.

    Here's a slideshow featuring some pieces of their journey: new cars, hot rods, babes, shiny chrome, sleek colors, lights, and a gazillion people living it up in Las Vegas!

    Click the square in the bottom right-hand corner to full screen

    these pix and get the most out of 'em!


    For more info:

  • Internet and Marketing Scams Targeting Small to Medium Businesses

    Scam Alert

    Image courtesy FULLISSUE.COM

    Most people know L.A. Wheel and Tire as the internet's best source for OEM factory wheels in custom finishes that'll make your vehicle look amazing.

    But who knew we were also defenders of the poor and downtrodden, crusaders for not only a better looking wheel, but also a better Internet for us all?

    Well, we are, and we have a story to tell you if you've ever been contacted by Regional Pages (formerly found at RegionalPages.com), The Yellow Pages Online (yellowpagesONLINE.com), Regional Yellow Pages (once located at regionalyellowpagesonline.com) and their (unwitting??) collections agency dupes, A.C.A. Recovery, Inc (found at www.ACArecovery.com).

    These guys, and several similarly named companies (they are probably all the same people, by the way), have been working hard at scamming small and medium size businesses since around 2005.  That's when most of their domains were registered, anyway, so they may have been active in some form or another before that.  Their methods are simple, effective, and can be costly, both in time AND in money.

    Their "product sell" is simple:

    "Hi! We're the online yellow page listings and we are offering you some extremely good Search Engine Marketing for extremely cheap.  We've already got you listed in our database, so we just want to make sure we have the correct information."

    And that right there is where the (not-so-)fun begins.  This is how their scheme works:

    • They ask you several questions about your business.  Things like "is XYZ your business' name?" Then, "is ABC your current address?"
    • Because these guys got your business info right out of Google, the info is correct, so, naturally, you say, "Yes" a whole bunch of times.
    • They then try to sell you on their service ($400 to $600 for Search Engine marketing, which is a total rip-off).
    • If you're smart and say "No!" they politely say goodbye and hang up.

    But the fun isn't about to end, oh no.

    After waiting several months, they then get back in touch with you.  It might be a phone call, or an invoice, or a letter in the mail.  No matter the form, the function is this: they say "Hey, you probably don't remember us, but we've been advertising you on the Search Engines and you owe us money for the marketing."

    If you're like most small or medium businesses, you didn't bother writing anything down during their initial call, or if you did, it's an illegible note you threw away or that's essentially meaningless.  On the off chance you remember anything, you're not going to be able to prove what these guys are saying is wrong.  Even if you could, they have an ace up their sleeve: they chop up the recording of your original conversation, making it so you say "Yes" to things like, "We will charge you $450 for this service" rather than what they originally said (probably something like, "is your name Snarky McFee?").

    So, what can you do to avoid these scams?

    Here's several tips for how to prevent this from being an issue in the first place:

    • Don't start confirming any information; don't even say the word "Yes" until you know exactly who you're talking to.
    • Even if you have an idea of who you are talking to, don't ever say "Yes."  Be non-commital ("sure" or "sounds right") if anything.
    • Ask them outright, "Who are you?  What company do you work for, and what's the exact web address."  Don't continue the conversation until you get to their website.
    • Also, if you're online when they call, Google their business name.  Add words like "complaints" or "fraud" after their company name and Google that, too.  Chances are, you're not the first to deal with these guys.

    And what if you're already a victim of these types of scams?

    1. Take copious notes: the name of the person you are talking to, the company's name, the date and time of the call; everything.
    2. Ask for copies of the original invoice, any subsequent notices of collections, and -- perhaps most important of all -- ask for the exact website URL of the "ad" that they claim they are running for you.  Take screenshots of this and anything else that's web-only.
    3. Stay firm.  If you didn't authorize their services, tell them that.  If they play back some hacked recording of your conversation, explain to them that you'd like a copy of the recording so you can have a sound engineer listen to it.  Sound engineers are a dime a dozen, can work remotely, and can easily prove tampering.

    And the most important tips of all:

    Use every piece of information you gather to file a complaint at the following sites:


    For more information about this scam and ones just like it:

    PLEASE share this blog article on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you can to help save your friends' and families' businesses from these rip-off artists!

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