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L.A. Wheel and Tire Google Places Page

L.A. Wheel and Tire Google Places Page

In our never-ending website maintenance, we've made a couple of quick and easy changes for your convenience!

First up, we changed the name of our "Store" link (you can see it up above, next to "Home") to "Pricing."  This really reflects that our Store is just a small piece of our Brand Gallery and informational links, and that area is where you can find accurate availability and pricing for wheels we currently stock.  If you're looking to identify wheels, learn more about wheel care, and things of that nature, you can browse the rest of the site; if you're looking to buy wheels, check out the "Pricing" link.

Secondly, in our Store, we now have a link at the end of the main navigation menu that says "Exit Store."  This brings you back to the Brand Gallery and informational side of our site (where you are right now, as a matter of fact).  This makes it clear that you're leaving the store and pricing area, and instead looking for information, pictures, wheel care tips, and that sort of thing.

Simple, but effective.  If you like the changes, great!  If not, feel free to post in the comments below and let us know!  We're always looking to improve our site and give it a facelift, especially if doing so will help customers navigate around the site.  So don't hesitate to comment or contact us in any number of ways, and we'll be around to chat with you in a jiffy!

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