Race The Runway Event Deletions Starting with what is not available that was previously, the beloved corvette is losing two color schemes. The Crystal Red Metallic and Velocity Yellow colors are gone. In addition, the Atlantic and Pacific Design packages that were not ordered much anyways are gone. New Goodies The colors for the 2016 Corvette are Corvette Racing Yellow and Long Beach Red. These colors replace the no longer available ones we highlighted above. According to corvetterblogger.com, the new red is similar to the 2003 Anniversary red or a red that was an option for corvette purchasers in the 2006-2007 period. Perhaps the coolest new thing is a new special edition of this Corvette model will be available for those lucky enough to scoop one up. The special edition is the Corvette Z06 C7.R. The car features special logos and and graphics on the hood, interior and roof. This special edition also comes with a unique car cover. The price is unknown but it is expected to be released at the end of 2015. Some other notable new features include the fact that buyers now have the option for two-toned seats. New colors for the interior are available such as Spice Red and Twilight blue and Corvette has expanded the colors available both inside and out on the various different models to give buyers more options and creativity to fit their own personal style. Changes Notable changes from 2015 include the standard leather wrapped, flat bottomed steering wheel will now be standard on all of the Stingray models. The MyLink infotainment system has been updated and improved and parking cameras are included on more models and design sets than the previous year. Other changes to the Stingray specifically are a new power-closing hatch and trunk along with easier access to the Magnetic Ride Control without having to upgrade to a separate certain package. Overall we think the new Corvette looks more amazing than ever and the expanded features and sweet new special edition is awesome for buyers and current owners alike. Remember that LA Wheel and Tire is the one stop shop for all your aftermarket wheel and tire needs for your new Corvette or any car. Check us out and you will not be disappointed.