YouTube homepageThere are hundreds of YouTube channels focused on cars.  Finding the best car channels can be a difficult task in and of itself. Below are some of the most useful channels for the various different type of car enthusiast: /Drive /Drive is arguably the best YouTube channel for car lovers. This channel has the most diverse and best automotive content on YouTube, including motorsport coverage, driving adventures, and car reviews. Moreover, the channel provides car lovers with a detailed overview about the production of different high-end vehicles. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more diverse channel than /Drive. Petrolicious If you’re a fan of classic cars, then you’ll have to subscribe to Petrolicious. It provides classic car enthusiasts with unique, original, and high-quality videos. Its videos cover a wide range of vehicles, including the “Little Beast” Nissan Bluebird, the legendary Ferrari 312PB, the BMW M1 “solitary racing supercar,” and even the triple Nickel motorcycle! You cannot afford to miss these amazing vehicles if you’re a real automotive enthusiast. Regular Car Reviews If you’re looking for a car channel that will not only review the vehicles, but also mixes in some humor, then Regular Car Reviews is the perfect channel one for you. Their videos are simply hilarious! This channel has reviewed a wide range of cars, including 1989 Nissan S13 Silvia, 2013 Ford Mustang GT, and 1974 Plymouth, in a very funny way.  Definitely a fresh take and certainly not to be missed. Motor Trend Motor Trend has achieved a huge popularity among car enthusiasts, due to its high quality content. From the hottest classic cars, to today’s modern supercars, you will find everything here. This channel produces reviews and news on all the cars manufacturers of the world including Ferrari, BMW, and Lamborghini. Moreover, it produces different “Challenge” and “Roadkill” episodes--each with their own unique flair and aim.  This is the definitive car lover channel and a great starting point for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of cars. XCAR XCAR produces some of the most stunning automotive videos that you won’t find anywhere else on YouTube. From Banger Racing XCAR, to Ferrari 458, you will find everything here.  XCAR differentiates itself from the vast array of other channels, in its amazing ability to tell the best stories about automotive history.  Be sure to check out the Porsche 959 film; you won’t be disappointed. These are some of the best YouTube Channels for car lovers. If you claim to be a car enthusiast, you should visit these channels and see what they have to offer.