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Why OEM Wheels Are the Best for Your Car

Imitation and Replica Wheels Simply Are Not Durable

Today's market is flooded with more imitations than ever before. Motoring enthusiasts expect the best quality for their cars, so why should you be any different? Why would you settle for any less, when the car itself deserves the best quality parts; would you own a BMW 3-Series Replica? Or a Mercedes Benz S-Class Style car? Especially if you found out they didn't go through the rigorous safety testing that the original manufacturers have to put them through?

Even though they may look similar to the original design, imitation wheels (often called reproductions, replicas or styles) are made of poor quality materials. The quality and fitment of any wheel is determined by the manufacturing process. Many imitations claim to use the same materials or be certified, but they lack the manufacturing expertise to guarantee perfect fitment, durability and safety. A lot of aftermarket copies are made out of thinner, weaker aluminum that cannot properly support the weight of your car. That is why they're very susceptible to bending and cracking under normal use (we have seen this happen far too many times).

Vehicle Manufacturers Spend Millions On Safety and Quality

Original Equipment Manufacturers (thus, "O.E.M.") such as BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and many others spend millions of dollars on Research and Development to ensure that the quality and integrity of their products meets customer's expectations and government standards. They simply would not put something on their car that may jeopardize your safety or well being in any way.

And that's the main reason we use OEM factory wheels: because it's the quality you've come to know and expect from the original manufacturers.

Shop for OEM Wheels in the New L.A. Wheel Store

L.A. Wheel and Tire guarantee our wheels to be authentic factory parts. With this guarantee, you can be confident about the quality of the wheels you are receiving. You can trust that the factory wheels will perform on your car day in and day out.

Versatile Fitment Possibilities

We're also the fitment experts when it comes to OEM wheels, and that means we have some of the most in-depth measurement information on OEM wheels in the entire industry. Using that data, we can figure out what wheels fit on different vehicles, allowing you to customize the look of your vehicle's rims in a way that no dealership could ever do. For instance, we've done Audi wheels on Volkswagens, as in the case of the two pictures below. These vehicles have a look that would not be possible from any dealership, carries the durability and quality guarantee of using OEM factory wheels, and has a show quality look because of our custom Chrome finish.


Our listings feature an in-depth fitment guide, and if you take a look at even a single Mercedes wheel, for instance, you can see that it fits literally HUNDREDS of other models!

Quality, Durability and Versatility: That's the Power of OEM Wheels and Rims

So there you have it! Quality and durability matched with versatile fitment options and a slew of custom finishes, including Chrome, Powder Coat, WinterChrome™, and even our new Hybrid finish. You couldn't possibly ask for a better combination to create the look and feel that matches your personality and increases the look and profile of the vehicle you love. Whether you drive it daily or only break it out to show off at the local car shows, you know it'll be unique, and everyone will be asking who did your wheels!

Just check out our customer install slideshow via FLICKR:

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We didn't reinvent the wheel...

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